48 Inch Cooling Water Main

Nature of Defect

The cooling water return line has been repaired using welded patches during a recent shut down. Whilst being brought back into service the line has failed causing further leaks along the line.


Metalyte Pipeworks solution was to seal the leaks using their Titan 505 system and then apply 12 layers of their bespoke field applied Dragon composite system. This would halt any further external corrosion issues and build the strength back in to the line for full operational requirements.

Repair Method

The full area of repair was mechanically prepped to SSP.SP11 to remove all corrosion and gain the surface profile required for the composite to adhere to. The Titan 505 live leak system was then applied to seal the leak. The Titan 505 and also the pipe surface had a resin bond coat applied prior to the application of the composite. The line was then repaired in a patch formation using 12 layers of composite. Once the composite had fully cured, a two part UV protective coating was applied.