Live leak sealing and long term restoration of pipelines and vessels onshore and offshore

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Metalyte Pipeworks – An industry leader in the repair and restoration of pipelines and vessels within the Oil and Gas industry

We are expert service-providers to the oil and gas industry for pipeline and vessel repairs. Our dedicated team of professionals respond to emergency situations which normally require plant/platform shutdown and can mobilise our technicians within hours.

Our highly experienced and well-trained technicians are capable of delivering projects at any level from start to finish. Our technicians are trained to work both onshore and offshore and adhere to the safest working practises.

  • Our services fully comply with industry standards ASME PCC2 and BSEN ISO 24817
  • We are a globally recognised repair company.
  • We have fully trained IRATA approved Rope Access teams.
  • We have the technology to complete subsea integrity restoration and live-leak sealing.

We continue to build and maintain important relationships with the world’s largest oil and gas companies who trust us to keep their production lines operational. 

Many of the world’s largest companies trust us to keep their production lines operational.

Metalyte Pipeworks are fully compliant with industry standards ASME PCC2 and BSEN ISO 24817

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From Stopping your Water Leaks To Supplying Water For Life

Partnering with The Zambia Project

Metalyte Pipeworks recently partnered with charity, The Zambia Project, donating money to enable over 1,700 people access clean water in Zambia.

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