4 Inch Stabilised Condensate Line

Nature of defect

The 4” Condensate line had suffered from coating damage resulting in a localised corrosion area. Inspection reported RWT of 1.5mm. The client requested a composite repair to halt any further corrosion and to bring the line back up to its full design specification.


Metalyte Pipeworks solution was to build up the wall loss back to the original thickness using a high compressive epoxy. A Kevlar reinforced primer resin was then applied with a cold cure water activated composite over wrap.

Repair method

The full repair area was shot blasted to Sa2.5 and degreased. The technicians then built up the defect area with a high compression epoxy resin. Once cured, the technicians applied a layer of Kevlar reinforced bonding resin. Metalyte Pipeworks technicians then applied the required layers of Cayman composite. The repair was allowed to cure before coating it with 2 layers of UV protective paint.