14” High / Low Pour Blend Stock Line

The 14″ line had suffered from severe fretting where the pipe was being supported. The client required an engineered, long term design life composite repair with extra work at the 6 o clock position for the support to be reinstated.

The Problem

The 14″ line had suffered severe fretting and corrosion where the pipe had been supported.

This required immediate attention as it was leaking hydrocarbons when in service. The client required a repair that would prevent the corrosion and withstand the rubbing on the support once reinstated.

The Soloution

Metalyte Pipeworks use a bespoke method that seals any through wall defects, builds up corrosion and brings the line back to its designed requirements.

The engineered composite was applied over the required repair area. Metalyte Pipeworks then bonded a steel plate at the 6 o clock position and tied it in place using composite hoop wraps.