Half Inch Hydrocarbon Gasoline Line

Nature of Defect

The ½” gasoline line detailed above has suffered from internal, external corrosion. This has resulted in localised wall thinning of the pipe with a minimum RWT of 0.9mm. The client requires a composite repair to restore the line and bring the line back up to its full design specification.


Metalyte Pipeworks solution was to mechanically prepare the landing areas and build out any protrusions using high compression resins. The full area was repaired with just 4 layers of Dragon composite.

Repair Method

The full repair area was cleaned up with all loose material removed and the pipe was prepared to gain a rough surface profile for the composite to adhere to. The step changes around the fittings were built up to gain a smooth transition for the system to lay on to.

The pipe surface then had a resin bond coat applied prior to the application of the composite. The line was then wrapped in 4 layers of composite and allowed to cure. The repair was then coated in two coats of UV resistant paint.