4, 6 & 10 Inch Black Drains Line

Internal wall thinning and through wall leaks in various locations

Nature of Defect

There are concerns of internal wall thinning and through wall leaks in various locations. An extensive 120 metre composite repair was required to hold back any future through wall defect that may occur in the future, and return pipe structure integrity.


Metalyte Pipeworks solution was to apply 8 to 12 layers of their bespoke field applied composite system. This would hold back any leaking issues and build the strength back in to the line for full operational requirements.

Repair Method

The full length of the line was hand prepped to Sa 2.5 to gain the surface profile required for the composite to adhere to. A subsea Kevlar epoxy was applied under the composite.
The pipe surface then had a resin bond coat applied prior to the application of the composite. The line was then wrapped in 12 & 8 layers of composite and allowed to cure.