24 Inch Corroded Raw Water Line

Nature of Defect

The 24” Raw Water line was found to be suffering from severe external corrosion. This had caused a circular corrosion patch approximately 300mm in size. The corrosion was that severe, it had caused a through wall leak.


Metalyte Pipeworks solution was to apply 8 layers of their bespoke field applied two part epoxy composite system. This would seal the through wall defect, halt any further corrosion issues and build the strength back in to the line to return it back to its full operational requirements.

Repair Method

The full length of the repair area was mechanically prepared to SSP SP11 using an MBX machine to remove all corrosion and gain the surface profile required for the composite to adhere to. The through wall defect was sealed and reinforced using High Compression cold cure epoxies. The pipe surface then had a resin bond coat applied prior to the application of the composite. The line was then wrapped in 8 layers of composite and allowed to cure. The repair was completed with two coats of a UV/chemical resistant coating.